China has identified a US military woman who brought the corona virus with her to Wuhan

Corona was brought to China in October last year under a conspiracy by a woman named Matji Benasi. China's claim

BEIJING, April 28, 2020 (Xinhua) - China has revealed the identity of a female US soldier who spread the corona virus. According to details, China has claimed to know the identity of the US soldier who spread the corona virus in its city of Wuhan. He says the reserve military officer in the US military is the female soldier who spread the epidemic. In its report, China claims that the same woman brought the corona virus with her.

The reserve female soldier's name is Matji Benasi. Her husband, Matt, called the new development a nightmare. Although Martji Benasi tested positive for the corona virus and did not show any symptoms, she did. He is accused of conspiring with the US government to spread the corona virus to China in October last year.

She went to China to participate in military exercises as a cyclist. Reports are circulating on Chinese social media that Mataji Benasi, a US soldier responsible for spreading the corona virus in China and later around the world, is the first in conspiracy theories. However, his name came up in March. However, Benasi says that he is constantly receiving threats from people who believe in this conspiracy ideology as his home address has also been released on social media.

For me, this is nothing short of a nightmare. Benaresi is a civilian employee of the US Army and stationed in Fort Believer, Virginia, USA. He participated in the Military World Games in Wuhan, China. In the last round of the bicycle race. She had an accident and her ribs were broken. An American YouTuber claimed in her video that the corona virus was made in a US military laboratory and that Benaresi took her with her to participate in the Military Olympics. The US government was asked to provide a report on the health and infection information of the US military delegation to Wuhan T be released.

Federal government's decision to change NAB law

Considering granting bail to NAB courts and revoking NAB chairman's arrest warrant, the law ministry has started drafting a new NAB ordinance.

Islamabad (PZ newspaper) latest. April 28, 2020): The federal government's decision to change the NAB law, the government has decided to make major changes in the NAB law. According to details, the federal government has decided to bring a new ordinance of NAB law. The law ministry has begun drafting a new NAB ordinance. According to sources, the new NAB ordinance is likely to give NAB courts the power to grant bail to corruption accused.

In addition, the NAB chairman is considering revoking his arrest warrant. According to sources, disqualification will be proposed on voluntary refund, meaning that a person who voluntarily returns the money will be disqualified from holding public office for five years.

Sources said that Law Minister Forough Naseem has informed Prime Minister Imran Khan about the initial features of the ordinance in this regard and advised him to take the political parties into confidence over the new NAB ordinance.

After which Prime Minister Imran Khan has formed a committee headed by the Speaker of the National Assembly to take the political parties into confidence. The committee will take political parties and stakeholders into confidence in the NAB Ordinance. According to sources, Pervez Khattak and Asad Umar are also part of the government committee.

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