The decline in foreign investment in government bonds came to a halt

KARACHI: The declining trend in foreign investment in government bonds has come to a halt, with more than کروڑ 200 million invested in government bonds in April.

According to the details, the downward trend in foreign investment in government bonds has stopped. According to SBP data, new investments of بان 204 million were seen in government bonds in April. All investments came from the UK but new investments The evacuation is underway as well.

In April alone, government bonds saw an outflow of 63 631 million, the current financial year saw an investment of ارب 3.63 billion in T-bills and an outflow of ارب 2.85 billion.

It may be recalled that in the first nine months of the current financial year, foreign direct investment increased by 137% to حج 2.148 billion as against 90 905 million in the corresponding period of the previous financial year.

According to the statistics, the volume of foreign direct investment in March was کروڑ 279 million, with China being the largest investor, with China investing کروڑ 872 million, followed by Norway.

Last month, the central bank said investors had sold کروڑ 60 million worth of bonds and ارب 1.3 billion worth of bonds from March 1 to March 18.

According to the SBP, bonds worth ارب 1.86 billion were sold from July to March 18, bringing the total investment in government bonds to ارب 1.34 billion.

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