The woman died of the coronavirus and suddenly came to life

Ecuador: A woman died suddenly after contracting the corona virus in Ecuador, a country on the west coast of South America.
According to foreign media, a local hospital in Ecuador confirmed the death of 74-year-old Alba Marwari with symptoms of coronavirus, but she came back to life several days later.

It was learned that the woman was admitted to the hospital a month ago due to fever and difficulty in breathing, where she remained unconscious for 3 weeks. Doctors declared her dead on March 27.

The hospital administration showed a dead body to the woman's family inside the morgue. The family saw the dead body from a distance due to the ban on approaching those who died from the corona virus. The woman's nephew said that Seen from a distance, the face was not visible but the hair and complexion were like that of Aunty, there was a similar wound on her body, after which she was allowed to take the deceased home.
The family performed the woman's last rites and the ashes were lying in the house when they suddenly received a call from the hospital that their cousin Alba Marwari was alive and had regained consciousness in the hospital. It turned out that a few days ago on Thursday, Alba suddenly regained consciousness and told the doctors who he was, which was reported to his sister.

The family said they did not know which woman's last rites they performed, and whose ashes lay in the house, but said they intended to sue the hospital administration for the inconvenience. And the expenses incurred on the last rites could be reimbursed.

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