Crude oil prices rise in Asian markets

BEIJING (Reuters) - Asian crude rose 2 percent to ڈالر 34.16 a barrel on Friday, according to the Associated Press.

According to the details, the price of crude oil in Asian markets is increasing by 2% after which the price of US crude oil has increased by 67 cents per barrel.

US crude rose to ڈالر 34.16 a barrel after a rise in crude oil prices.

Brent crude also rose 1.96 percent to ، 36.45 a barrel after a 70-cent rise in the price of Brent crude.

According to an international report, due to the fall in oil prices, various countries are increasing their oil reserves.

According to the report, Asian oil importing countries are trying to increase their crude oil stocks by taking advantage of the fall in crude oil prices in the international market.

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