Great news for Oman government employees

Muscat: The Civil Service Council of the Sultanate of Oman has announced that in the near future a new salary structure will be decided for the new recruits in the government institutions of Oman.

According to local media, the Civil Service Council says that the salaries of future government employees in the kingdom are being changed.

These salaries will be based on the degree and educational qualifications of the employees, and the new salary structure will be the same for government employees throughout the kingdom (in terms of degrees).

It should be noted that the government of Oman has started the policy of Omanization in the year 2020 under which Omani nationals will be appointed in government jobs instead of foreigners.

Oman's Ministry of Commerce has recently issued a notification stating that Omani nationals will soon be replaced by foreign employees in government jobs.

The notification said that the decision was being taken so that Omani citizens could also participate in the welfare and development of the kingdom.

The notification also said that before its implementation, Omani citizens would be trained in the relevant fields so that they could perform at their best.

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