A small mirror from the astronaut's clothes fell into space

The US space agency NASA says an astronaut accidentally dropped a small mirror while working in space, which has been lost in the vastness of space.

NASA says astronaut commander Chris was out of the International Space Station for a space walk when he had to work on the station's batteries when a mirror fell from his clothes.

According to NASA, the mirror is mounted on the astronauts' clothing, and when Commander Chris stepped out of the space station, it somehow separated from his clothing.

The mirror floated in space at a rate of one foot per second, out of the reach of the commander. No danger

NASA says the mirror is mounted on each sleeve in the astronauts' space suit so that astronauts can use it to look around. The mirror is 3 by 5 inches and weighs barely a tenth of a pound, including the band attached.

According to NASA, astronaut commander Chris is working with another colleague, Bob Banks, to replace the space station's old nickel-hydrogen batteries.

New lithium-ion batteries are being installed on the International Space Station, which will be enough for as long as the space station remains active. The mission, which began in 2017, has so far installed 18 batteries in the station, while astronauts Chris and Bob will install six more.

The work will be completed by July this year, after which Commander Chris will return to Earth in August.

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