China has set another milestone in the treatment of the corona virus

BEIJING: China has begun clinical trials of antibodies that inactivate Kovid 19 to treat it.

According to the details, the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced on Saturday that the National Medical Products Administration has approved the clinical use of a complete human monoclonal (single cell cloned antibody) antibody for the treatment of CoVinantin. Trials allowed.

According to the Global Times, the Chinese-made corona virus antibody has entered the medical testing phase following the approval, a major breakthrough in the treatment of codine nineteen worldwide.

In the first phase, the dose and safety of the antibody will be tested in healthy individuals during a clinical trial.

Monoclonal antibodies are rarely used in the treatment of infectious diseases, antibodies are sometimes used to treat diphtheria, tetanus and even Ebola, but they are either anti-serum or In the case of plasma taken from healthy patients, not in the case of monoclonal.

An immunologist in Beijing says several research teams in other countries are working on monoclonal antibodies to the new corona virus, but only a few have entered the trial phase.

Unlike polyclonal antibodies, he said, monoclonal antibodies have their own unique structure and arrangement in which the antibody binds to the antigen, and that individuality is its intellectual property. Therefore, it can be said that this antibody drug has its own intellectual property rights in China.

The Institute of Microbiology says that there is a promising future in the clinical application of antibodies to neutralize the disease, and therefore its industrial process will be smoother, once it is successfully marketed. , Then globally it will play an important role in preventing Covid 19.

However, the institute also clarified that there is still a long way to go from clinical trials to the phase of usable medicine.

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