New revelations about older patients receiving the flu vaccine

Georgia: Elderly patients receiving the flu vaccine have been found to have a reduced mortality rate from the coronavirus.

According to the details, US researchers have revealed that based on data from more than 2,000 counties in the United States, where a large number of senior citizens have received the flu vaccine, there has been an outbreak of WD-19. Due to the low mortality rate.

The study found that a 10% increase in flu vaccination coverage for people over the age of 65 in any county reduced coronavirus mortality by 28% in the county.

Researchers also say that social, economic and health factors may have played a role in reducing the death toll from the coronavirus in those counties where large numbers of older people have received the flu vaccine.

The findings are not based on individual data but from data provided by different counties, but researchers say the main public health implications of this possibility are between influenza vaccination and the 19-year mortality rate. Indicates the urgent need for studies at the individual level of the relationship, in order to investigate infectious diseases and any underlying biological mechanisms.

Two days ago, the US agency CDC said that flu vaccination is very important during epidemic diseases in order to reduce the overall impact of respiratory diseases on the population and reduce the pressure on the healthcare system.

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