The car key also became part of the iPhone

California: American technology company Apple has launched a new version of its operating system iOS 14, which includes several new features, one of which is the car key feature.

The launch of new features, including iOS 14, was announced at the Apple Team's global conference online. One of them is the car key.

With this feature of wireless car key, the car can be locked, unlocked and started, this feature of the car key can be used with next year's BMW 5 series.

The key can also be shared with friends, but it also requires a profile of the person, as well as a limited period of time to determine how long the person can use the key.

Keep in mind that the new version of the iPhone operating system has many new changes as well as new features have been introduced.

It also has a new language translation app that can be translated into English, Arabic, German, Mandarin, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Portuguese.

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