Trump resented Secretary of Defense Mark Asper's statement, putting his position in jeopardy

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US President George W. Trump is unhappy with Defense Secretary Mark Asper's statement opposing the deployment of troops to quell protests, with US media claiming that the post was in jeopardy following the defense minister's statement.

According to the details, protests are still going on in the United States. President Donald Trump is very angry over the statement of Secretary of Defense Mark Asper against the deployment of troops to control the protesters.

National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien is also unhappy with the Secretary of Defense's statement.

President Trump had threatened to deploy troops to quell the protests, with Secretary of Defense Mark Asper opposing the use of force to quell the protests.

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Defense Minister says there is no need to use force against protesters, does not want to use troops on the streets, National Guards did not fire rubber bullets at protesters, Mark Asper

Mark Esper had said that it was my job to keep my department away from politics, not in favor of deploying troops on the issue of protesters, the use of troops in the security situation should be the last resort.

George Floyd, a black American, was killed a few days ago in the US state of Minnesota due to the torture of a former police officer, Dark Chuan. A video that went viral on social media shows that the police officer was on the victim's neck for a long time. Kneeling down which caused his death.

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