What does the world have to do now to deal with Corona? The World Health Organization said

GENEVA: WHO Director-General Dr Tedros has said that no country can fight the epidemic alone, adding that global solidarity is needed to control the disease.

According to the details, the Director General of the WHO directed all the countries of the world to work together for common security, so that the virus can be controlled by limiting it.

"No one is safe until we are all safe. We should all learn this lesson. The world is paying the price for insufficient preparation to deal with the virus," he said.

Early availability of the corona vaccine, the WHO hopes

Dr. Tedros added that preparing for the virus is not a one-time, continuous investment.

It may be recalled that on June 20, Sumia Swaminathan, head of the WHO team of scientists, told a press conference that two billion doses of the corona vaccine would be available this year.

He also said that clinical trials of more than 10 vaccines made in different countries of the world are currently underway and the vaccine will be available for general use in the next few months.

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