Kuwait: Money laundering, tick talk stars have been stopped, the government has taken action

Kuwait City: The public prosecutor in Kuwait froze the accounts of ten well-known social media stars after their bank balances exceeded the limit.

Kuwaiti Public Prosecutor Zarar al-Assousi froze the assets of ten prominent social media figures and banned their travel.

According to the Kuwaiti magazine, the public prosecutor made the decision based on a report by the Financial Intelligence Unit against social media stars, which stated that their bank account balances had risen dramatically.

The Public Prosecution referred the matter to the State Security Agency last week. He was asked to trace the assets of prominent social media personalities and get proof of where he got such bad money from. These social media personalities should be suspected of money laundering. Is.

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In the incident that took place in Lake Turquoise in China, the tick star had to give it to him while he was making a video. Luckily, the tuck talk star came back from the brink of death.

The video shows Jason Clark moving in from one place in a snow-covered lake and another man making a video, but they get lost while swimming, which adds to their difficulties.

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