Saudi Arabia fines 200 for not wearing masks

Riyadh: In Saudi Arabia, 200 people have been fined for not wearing masks, and 1,000 riyals have been fined for not implementing SROPs of the corona virus.

According to the Saudi website, a police spokesman in Riyadh region said that 200 people have been challaned for not following the prescribed rules regarding the corona virus.

A regional police spokesman said the health ministry had imposed a fine of 1,000 riyals on those who did not use masks outside their homes to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Police officers in all cities of the country have been given special powers to take note of violations of regulations set by the ministry, which are being strictly enforced.

In all cities and towns of the country, police teams are setting up temporary check posts on markets and recreational places as well as on highways to challan violators of KSOPs.

The municipality has also mandated supermarkets and malls to provide their customers with sanitizers and disposable gloves at the main entrance of the malls. Special arrangements should also be made to note the body temperature of each visitor.

The Ministry of Health has specifically directed the municipality to immediately challan the violators in the markets so as to protect the people from the epidemic.

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