Terrible rain of space avalanches on the earth and the moon, the shocking revelation of experts

Astronomers have revealed that 800 million years ago, there was a terrible rainstorm on the earth and the moon, which turned the earth into a desert of ice.

According to international media reports, scientists have revealed that the avalanches that fell to the earth 66 million years ago were the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs, while the avalanches that fell 800 million years ago were even larger in size. ۔

Experts from the University of Osaka released a study report which said that the rain of space avalanches played an important role in biodiversity and then the shape of the planet that emerged was named Earth.

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In the research report, the experts claimed that 800 million years ago, an eruption or gust of a small asteroid hit the moon, as a result of which a volcano erupted on the surface of the sun, which affected not only the moon but the entire universe.

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